1st Grade - Writing Short Stories Part 1

Writing short stories part 1
Write brief narratives (fictional, autobiographical) describing an experience.
The student will be able to write a story describing an experience that that they may or may not have experienced.

Sample Problems


Write about a time you went shopping with your mom.


Tell me about something that happened to you that was very scary.


Write about one of your most favorite times that you have ever spent with your family.


Imagine you are going on a train ride this weekend. Write about what happens.


Have you ever been fishing? If so, write about your experience. If not, imagine what you think it would be like and describe the experience.

Learning Tips


Old Calendars: Here is an opportunity to use all of those old calendars you may having lying around. Find calendars that have bold prints of places or people doing outdoor activities. Verbally create a writing prompt for your child based upon the calendar pictures. Ask them if they have ever been somewhere like this. What would they do if they went there? Who would be with them? What would happen? Have them create a narrative story based upon the picture that they see.


Favorite movies: Have your child to tell you about their favorite movie. They should tell you about the characters and what happens in this story. After they have verbally shared their ideas with you, ask your child to pretend that they are their favorite character from the movie. Ask them to write a narrative (story) about what would happen if they were this particular character. Tell them the events in their story should be different than the movie.


Topic pick: On blank index cards write a variety of story starters (topics) for your child to write about. Some of the story starters should include events and activities that your child is familiar with. There should also be some activities that your child may not necessarily be familiar with.


Graphic Organizers: Once your child has picked a topic they will need to organize their thoughts. The best way to do this is by using a graphic organizer. See the following links for graphic organizers.





Character Swap: Share a story with your child. After you have read it to them, discuss the story and ask them what they would have done if they were the character in the story. Next, have your child write a narrative based upon the story.

Extra Help Problems


Write about a time when you needed to fix something? What did you need to fix? Did someone help you?


Imagine you go outside to ride your bike, but it’s gone! Write and share what happened.


Think of a time when someone needed your help? Did you help them? What happened? Share the details and be descriptive.


Imagine you and your family go camping for the weekend. In the middle of the night you hear a scary noise. What happens?


Paul the farmer lost his prize winning hen. What happens? Write about it and remember to be descriptive.


Imagine you go to the circus. Share what happens.


Write about a time you went to or had a party.


Share your favorite place to go with your family.


Have you ever been on a boat? If so share your experience. If not, write about what you think it would be like.


Imagine you could go inside of a computer game. Write about what would happen.


You and your family decide to go the beach for the day. You see something in the water. What is it and what happens? Be descriptive.


It is the last day of school. Share and describe what happens.


You wake up early one Saturday morning and find a large box on the kitchen table. Describe what happens next.


During the middle of the night you are awakened by a loud thump that seems to be coming from your closet. What do you do?


Your grandma invites you over for dinner and says she has a secret to tell you. What happens next?


You at school at you see another student being teased. What do you do? What happens?


Your sister has a friend over and they begin telling secrets in front of you. What do you do? Write about how you solve this problem.


Your uncle comes to your house and says he is taking your family on a surprise trip. Where do you go? What happens? Be descriptive.


Your teacher says she is taking you on a surprise field trip. Where does she take you? What happens at this place?


One morning you wake up and suddenly realize that you bedroom has turned into the jungle. What do you do? Describe what happens on this wild adventure.


You and your family go to Disneyland for the day. It is very crowded and you get lost. What happens next?


You get home from school and begin to take your books out of your backpack. You look inside for your homework, but you can’t believe what you find! Write about it.


You and a friend going hiking in the woods. You she a bright light ahead of you. What happens next?


You move into a new house. You are unpacking and you realize there is a secret door in the back of your closet. You open it up. What happens? Be descriptive.


You go to the mall to buy your mom a present. While you are there you see someone from school stealing something from a store. What do you do? Share what happens.



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