1st Grade - Writing About Books

Writing about books
Recollect, talk, and write about books read during the school year.
The students will be able to recollect, talk, and write about books read throughout the school year.

Sample Problems


Remember the story _____. Can you tell me what this story was about?


Who was/were the character(s) in the story _________?


Where did the story _________ take place?


What was the problem in the story_______?


How was the problem solved in the story _____?

Learning Tips


A reviewing and discussing books previously read is always beneficial. You can review any book that you and your child have previously shared together. Bring out the book and show the front cover to your child. Ask them if they remember the title, what the book was about, and what happened. You can also ask them to draw a picture of their favorite part, or what happened in the story.


Pick a Card Game: For this activity, you will need index cards, markers, and books the children have previously read or heard. On each card, write the name of the title of a book your child is familiar with. Ask your child to pick a card. Once they have identified the title of the book on the card, ask them to find the book. Once they have reexamined the book you can ask them to do a variety of things. They can tell you about the story. You can discuss what happened in the story. Have them tell you who the characters were and what they did. Have your child identify the problem in the story. Discuss if the problem was solved, how it was solved, and who solved it. Using the same discussion questions from above, you can have them draw pictures related to the story or write about the stories previously read.


Jeopardy: This activity is played similarly to the television game show “Jeopardy.” You will need to review a variety of stories that your child is familiar with. Based upon these stories you will need to create question cards for this game based upon categories. The students will have four categories to choose from, setting, characters, problem, and solution. These questions can be based on any story they have previously read or heard. I recommend having the books present when playing the game, so your child can refer back to them. Take turns with your child, or ask other family members to play. They will need to pick a category and then pick a card from that particular category. They will read the card and answer the question accordingly. If they would like they may review the text at any time in the game.


Writing is a wonderful way for your child to express their thoughts and ideas. Ask them to write about their favorite story. In their writing ask them to discuss the plot of the story, identify the characters, what the problem was in the story, and how the problem was resolved. You can even ask them to write another ending for the story and then discuss why they chose the new ending.


After each story that your child reads you can ask them to write a journal about it. They can include information on the setting, characters, plot, problem, resolution. They can identify what they liked about the story and what they would have changed if they had written the story. Have your child keep these journals and make a book of the, so they can review the literature they have enjoyed.

Extra Help Problems


What was your favorite part of the story ______?


Draw your favorite character form the story ______?


Write 2 or 3 sentences to describe the setting in the book __________.


Draw a picture of something that happened in the story _______.


Describe the characters from the story_________.


Tell why the characters were important in the book_____ What did they do in the story?


If you could change the ending in the story ______, what would you do?


Think of your favorite story from this year. Describe the setting in your favorite story.


Draw a picture of the setting in the story ______.


Draw a picture of what the problem was in the story ______.


Write 2 to 3 sentences and tell how the problem was solved in the story _______.


Tell your partner what the problem was in the story______.


How would you describe the story _____? Did you like it? Why or why not?


If you could change anything from the book_____ what would it be and why?


Write about what happened in the book_____. Tell a friend about the events that took place.


What was the best part of the story _____?


What did the author do well in ______?


Pretend you are in an author. What would you write about and why?


What types of stories do you like? Why?


Draw a picture of a different way the problem could have been solved in the story _________.


Pretend you can change the end of _______. Draw a picture of the new ending.


Look at the three boxes on your paper. In the first box draw what happens at the beginning of the story. In the second box draw what happened in the middle of the story. In the last box draw what happens at the end of the story.


Look at the shapes on your page. Follow the directions for each shape below. In the triangle draw the characters from the story. In the rectangle draw the events of the story. In the circle draw the resolution of the story.


If you could change the end of the story ____, what changes would you make? Why?


Write two sentences describing your favorite story and tell why it is your favorite.



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