1st Grade - Writing Short Stories Part 2

Writing short stories part 2
Write brief expository descriptions of a real object, person, place, or event, using sensory detail.

Sample Problems


Name a real person that you know. Write about them.


Think of a place that you have been to before. Write about it and make sure to be descriptive.


Write about a toy that you like to play with. Make sure you use a lot of describing words.


Think about a party that you have gone to. Write about it using a lot of details.


Think of a member of your family. Describe those using details.

Learning Tips


Family Pictures: Show your child a variety of family pictures. Ask them to pick a picture. Next ask them to pick one person in the picture to write about and describe. Before your child begins writing, discuss attributes of the person they selected. Be sure to have them include a variety of adjectives, so that their writing is interesting for the reader.


Sensational Senses: This particular skill requires that your child provide the reader with sensory details when they are writing descriptions. Due to this, it is a good idea to review how to use your senses when writing. Pick a picture of a person (your child knows), a picture of a place they are familiar with, and provide them with something that they enjoying eating. For each item, ask them to use their senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, feel) to verbally describe each item to you. Make sure you emphasize how they can take their verbal descriptions and place them into an expository writing with sensory details.


Memory Recall: Ask your child to recall one of their favorite family events or outings to a specific place. Have them draw a picture of it. Next, verbally discuss some adjectives that could use to describe their picture. Have them make a list of these adjectives. Next, ask your child to verbally describe the picture/event using their list of adjectives. After they have verbally shared their ideas, have them do a writing based upon these ideas.


Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers are an excellent way to help a child place their thoughts and ideas into a clear and focused idea. Use the websites below to provide your child with a variety of organizers to help them organize their writings.





Library Run: Ask your child to pick their favorite animals. Once they have decided on an animal, take them to the local public library or assist them in doing internet research on this animal. Once they have obtained a variety of facts and descriptive details ask your child to write a description about this animal.

Extra Help Problems


Pick your favorite jungle animal. Write about it using a lot of sensory details.


Think of your best friend. Write about them. Make sure you use descriptive words.


Think of your favorite insect. Write about it using sensory details.


Recall your favorite holiday. What is it? Write about it using sensory details and descriptive words.


Think of an animal that lives in the forest. Write about it and make sure you use descriptive words.


Remember a time when you went to a special place with your family. Describe that place using sensory words and details.


Think of your favorite adult that works at your school. Write about this person and be as descriptive as you can.


Describe your principal. Write about what they are like and what they do at your school.


Who is your favorite teacher? Describe them and write as many details as possible.


Think about your favorite character from a movie. Who are they? Describe them.


Think of your favorite character from a book or story. Who are they? Write about them and be descriptive.


Think of an event that you have gone to recently. Where did you go? Write about it and describe the event.


What is an activity that you like to do with your friends? Describe it.


What is an activity that you like to do with your family? Write about it and be descriptive.


Where do you like to go with your family? Write about your experiences.


Think of your favorite community helper. What do they do? Describe their jobs.


What is your favorite bird? Describe it with as many sensory details as possible.


Name your favorite pet. Can you describe it? Use as many adjective and be as descriptive as you can.


Think of all of the members of your family. Choose one to write about and describe.


Think about people that live in your neighborhood. Choose one person to write about. Be as descriptive as you can.


Think of an animal that lives in the ocean. Describe it by using as many sensory details that you can.


Think of your favorite place that you like to go to eat. Describe it and the food.


What is your favorite game to play? Describe it.


What is your favorite sport to play? Where do you play it? Who do you play with? Be as descriptive as you can.


Think of your favorite book. Describe it.



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