1st Grade - Beginner Writing

Beginner writing
Select a focus when writing.
The student will be able to select a specific topic to write about.

Sample Problems


What is something you would like to write about?


Name an animal that you would be interested in writing about.


Think of an activity that you could describe.


Name a place that you would enjoy writing about.


Who is a person that would be exciting to write about?

Learning Tips


Sorting Fun: For this activity your child will need to sort a variety of picture cards that will be associated with 2 or 3 main topics. For example, find a picture of an animal, such as a lion. You will also need to find other pictures that are associated with a lion such as; what he eats, where he lives, what country he resides in, etc. Follow this same pattern with another animal, possibly a polar bear. Once you have gather pictures associated with the polar bear, take the lion picture and the polar bear picture and place them at the top of the table. Next, mix all of the associated pictures up. Give your child the cards and ask them to sort them with the correct animal. This activity will help to reinforce the concept of having a focus, in the above examples the animals. This activity can be done with any pictures of places, activities, people, etc. As your child completes the sorting of associated pictures, ask them to identify what the focus would be if they were writing about these pictures.


Picture Cards: Have your child sort picture cards into groups based upon how each picture could be identified. Use old magazine or computer clip art to collect a variety of images to create picture cards. The picture cards should include a variety of subject matter such as food, clothing, places, activities, events, people, games, and school related items. Have your child sort the pictures into group and then explain why they placed the pictures in each group.


Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers are wonderful tools that can assist your child in organizing their thoughts before actually begin to complete sentences. Use the websites below for sample organizers that will help them to identify their focus.





Save It-Safe List: The “Save It-Safe List” works as follows; you will need to design a piece of butcher paper to look like a safe. Place this piece of butcher paper in a spot that is an easily locatable place. Discuss with your family that you will be having a contest to see who can come up with the most topics for ideas of things to write about. Discuss that you are looking for topics that can be a "focus" of writing. This means that the topic needs to be large enough to describe, but not so large that there are too many details to include. For example, describing your favorite ice cream sundae is a topic that can be easily focused. But if someone wanted to write about all of the ice cream flavors in the world, this topic would be too broad. Write all of the topics inside the safe and then challenge your child to pick one and write about it.


Idea Notebook: Provide your child with a spiral notebook. Have them decorate the front cover and place the title "Idea Notebook" on the front. Challenge your child to be on the lookout for ideas of things to write about and then write their ideas in their notebook. They can even make topic sections such as foods, events, places, people, animals, activities, etc.

Extra Help Problems


What is your favorite activity? Write about it.


Where is your favorite place to go? Tell me about it.


Why do you like to play outside? Describe what you do outdoors.


Who is your favorite person? Why?


What type of games do you like to play? Who do you play them with?


Describe your favorite toy. What is it and why do you like it?


Do you have a pet? If so, write about it. If not, what kind of pet would you like to have and why?


Describe your family.


Discuss your favorite food with a partner. After your discussion write about this food.


What is your favorite movie?


Who is the main character in your favorite movie?


What is your favorite book? Why? Write about it and describe what happens in the story.


Have you ever been to the circus? If so, write about your experience. If not, write about what you think you would see there.


What do you like to do to celebrate your birthday? Write about your favorite birthday celebration.


What types of animals would you find in a forest? Choose one animal and write about it.


What types of animals would you find in the ocean? Pick one animal and write about it.


What is your favorite sport to play? Who do you play with? Write about a time when you were playing this sport. What happened?


What do you do over summer vacation? Write about one thing you did.


If you could drive anywhere in your family's car, where would you go and why?


Who is your best friend? What do you like to do with them?


Imagine you are the teacher for a day. What would you do? Describe what happens.


What is your favorite part of school? Describe it.


What is the best part of First Grade? Tell me about it.


Describe your favorite kind of weather. When does this type of weather happen? Why do you like it?


If you were the school principal what would you do to make our school a better place to learn? Describe what you would do and how it would help all of the students.



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