5th Grade - Facts, Inferences And Opinions

Reading and Comprehension
Facts, inferences and opinions
Distinguish facts, supported inferences, and opinions in text.
Be able to tell which part of a text is a fact, an opinion, or a blend of both.

Sample Problems


True or False: A fact is someone’s personal belief about a subject. (false)


Is it fact or opinion if an author shows personal feelings about the subject? (opinion))


True or False: Authors often mix facts and opinions in order to make their arguments stronger. (true)


If you see the word “best,” is the statement more likely to be a fact or opinion? (opinion)


True or False: A sentence is either fact or opinion, not both. (false)

Learning Tips



Fact–a statement of something that can be proven, such as an event that has happened.

Opinion- a statement of what someone thinks or feels about a subject; it gives a judgment, view, or conclusion, or it cannot be proven true or false.


Fact or Opinion?

Play this game with at least one friend. Each player gets five index cards and writes a statement on the front of them—either a fact you know or your opinion. You should write “O” on the back if it’s an opinion and “F” on the back if it’s a fact. Exchange cards and see who can get the most right!


Words to Look For

When people express opinions and facts, they often use certain words or types of words that you can look for, such as:



Emotion words:

fun, good, bad

Often have numbers in them. But don’t be fooled—just because there’s a number doesn’t mean it has to be a fact!

Judgment Words:

better, best

worse, worst

always, never

most, least

all, none

I believe”

I feel”

It’s obvious”

They should”


Mixing It Up

Often authors combine factual information and the opinions of the author. Often the opinions are disguised as fact, to make the author's argument seem more believable.

There is nothing wrong with mixing opinions and fact together in an argument. What is important is that you are able to distinguish the fact from the opinion, in order to make a sound judgment about the information.

Find an article in a newspaper or magazine that interests you. Highlight the facts in one color and the opinions in another. Were there any sentences that had both?


Truth Experts

Think about how facts can be verified. What sources do you trust to give you reliable information? Ask your parents were they look for facts. Where did they look when they were in school? They might have depended mostly on encyclopedias. Is the internet always reliable? Choose three facts from your science or history book and find at least three sources that verify them.

Extra Help Problems


True or False: Feelings cannot be checked for accuracy. (true)


True or False: A fact needs to be a statement can be easily verified and the language makes no value judgments. (true)


Fact or Opinion: Smoking is a disgusting habit. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: Smoking is an unhealthy habit. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: Sam is the best player on the soccer team. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: Sam made the most goals for our team this season. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: The meeting between the presidents of the two countries will improve relations between the countries. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: The Titanic was the grandest passenger ship ever constructed. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: Traffic in big cities is awful. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: It’s easy to learn how to tie your shoes. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: There are twelve months in the year. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: Christmas Day is on December 25. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: More people drive red cars than blue. (opinion- there’s no way to verify this.)


Fact or Opinion: The Olympics is the most exciting sporting event in the world. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: The Olympics was the most viewed sporting event in the world. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: Swimming is the most difficult sport. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: You are the best student in fifth grade. (sorry, opinion)


Fact or Opinion: Reading is very exciting. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: Pete Sampras is the greatest tennis player who ever lived. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: This summer was the driest summer ever. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: Six billion people inhabit our planet. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: Today is Tuesday. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: This painting was completed on January 15, 2007. (fact)


Fact or Opinion: It is a sad day when a puppy must stay indoors. (opinion)


Fact or Opinion: I believe this is the way to do it. (opinion)


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