5th Grade - Using Electronic Media And Technology

Using electronic media and technology
Create simple documents by using electronic media and employing organizational features (e.g., passwords, entry and pull-down menus, word searches, a thesaurus, spell checks). (research and technology)
Be able to open a new document, navigate the menus, use electronic tools such as thesaurus and spell check, and save changes.

Sample Problems


True or False: You should only save your document when you are done with it and want to quit. (false- save early and save often!)


What is the purpose of a password? (It only lets users who know the password access private documents and data)


Under which menu will you find the option to check your spelling? (Tools)


What feature lets you search a document for a particular word?

a. Save

b. Open

c. Find

d. Undo



You can change the look of letters and numbers by changing this.

a. Indent

b. Font

c. Copy

d. Dictionary


Learning Tips



Word processing program– an application on your computer that lets you type, edit, and print writing. Examples include Microsoft Word and AppleWorks.

Pull-down menu- a list of options that usually appears near the top of your screen. For example, the Tools menu in Microsoft Word includes options for EndNote, Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus, Hyphenation, Dictionary, and Language.


Typing: Tough Skill, But Worth It

Typing is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most people- and that’s on purpose! Early typewriters would jam when typers went too fast. To fix this problem, the inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes, looked for letter patterns that were common in the English language and then purposely spread them out to slow down the person typing. That is how the QWERTY layout style come about. QWERTY is the arrangement of the keys in the upper row.

Nowadays, once you learn to “touch type” or type by feel, not by looking, you can type quickly- and the computer can handle it! Practice is the only way to get good at it. So practice, practice, practice!


What To Do First

Just like writing is a process of steps (such as prewriting by organizing your ideas, making a rough draft, then revising and editing), creating a final product on the computer is also a process.

When you are working on the computer, remember that the most important part of your work is the content of your writing. It can be fun to play around with different fonts and other formatting decisions, and it’s good to make your work look professional. But you should save the fun stuff until after you have taken the time to polish your writing.

Remember it like this: content first, formatting finally!


Take Care of the Technology

Whether you are working on a computer at home or at school, be gentle with the technology- it’s very expensive! Make sure you don’t have any food (crumbs can get trapped in the keyboard) or any drinks (which could spill!) anywhere near the computer. You don’t need those distractions anyway. You will want your notes and other pages close by to help you write.


Take Care of Yourself

And while you are taking care of the technology, don’t’ forget about yourself. Practice good posture by sitting up straight, feet on the floor, arms relaxed. Sitting awkwardly or leaning forward for too long can get really uncomfortable. Be sure you don’t hunch up your shoulders or tilt your chin up.

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re engrossed in your work on the computer, but make sure you stand up and stretch at least every half hour.

Extra Help Problems


What is the spacing called when a blank line is between each line of text? (Double spacing)


True or False: It’s a good idea to use a different font for each paragraph. (false)


What function do you use to work on a document that you have already created?



What function do you use to create a blank document to start working on?

(New Document)


You can use this feature to measure how far you are along a page.



You can use this button to reverse the last thing you did.



A word can be made to stand out from other words by making it darker using ________.



To get your document from the computer to a piece of paper you tell it to ___________.



Where do you usually put the title? (in the center)


What is the function that puts selected text on the clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else? (Cut)


Usually a paragraph is _______ away from the left side. (indented)


What do you call the arrow that moves when you move the mouse? (the pointer)


Which style looks like this? (Italics)


What do you do to the title of a book? (underline)


What do you call it when your view of the screen comes closer or farther away? (zoom)


What do you call a picture? (An image)


What do you call a structure with rows and column? (a table)


What color is text usually in? (Black)


Should you use only your stronger fingers when you type? (No)


Which finger should type the space bar? (your thumbs)


What is a useful tool when you are trying to think of another word with the same meaning? (a thesaurus)


True or False: Double-clicking usually does the same thing as only clicking once. (false)


What is the font size that is usually used? (Twelve points)


When you are looking at a website’s url for research, which one of these extension tells you it’s a government agency’s website?

a) .com

b) .gov

c) .org

d) .tv



What is the white space around the outside of the text called? (the margin)


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