Kindergarten - Days Of The Week

Time and Measurement
Days of the Week
Name the days of the week.
Be able to name the days of the week. Understand how to order the days of the week. Differentiate between weekdays and weekends. Able to comprehend the day before and after, yesterday and tomorrow.

Sample Problems


Name all the weekdays.


Name the weekend days.


What day comes before Monday?


What day comes after Thursday?

Learning Tips


Have a calendar handy and write the names of the days of the week on index cards. Use the calendar to reinforce this concept. Start with Saturday and Sunday. These are weekend days. These are the days that they don’t go to their regular school. Saturday comes before Sunday. If today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday. They would have to go to sleep and wake up the next morning for it to be Sunday. If today is Sunday then yesterday (it already passed) was Saturday.


Gather the cards with the weekdays on them. Start with Monday. This is the first day that they return back to school. The next day is Tuesday. You can also point out that they can say tomorrow is Tuesday. After Tuesday comes Wednesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday. The next day is Thursday. Tomorrow is Thursday. The last weekday is Friday. Review the sequence of the weekdays using the cards.


This time we will work on yesterday. Review using the flashcards. Keep them in order: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Point to a day of the week and say, “If today is Tuesday, what was yesterday?” To find the day that would be yesterday, we would find the card to the left of Tuesday (Monday). Point to another day of the week, Friday. The card to its left would have been yesterday (Thursday). Review all the day of the week. Then add weekend days.


Use the calendar to review the order of the days of the week. Point out that the week usually starts with Sunday. Review yesterday and tomorrow. Then have your child count out the seven days of the week. If you start counting seven days from Monday you will land on Monday again. If you start counting on Tuesday, seven days later it will be Tuesday. Explain that seven days make a week. So every week we land on the same day of the week.

Ex: Today is Monday. What day will it be a week from now? (Use the calendar to review this concept).


If your child understands the concept of counting a week forward, have them try counting a week back.

Ex: If today is Monday, what day of the week was it a week ago? (Again use a calendar to count seven days back).

Extra Help Problems


The first worksheet will ask the student to fill in the blank.


Monday, ___________, Wednesday.


Sunday, ___________, Tuesday


Thursday, ___________,Saturday


Tuesday, ____________, Thursday


Friday, ___________, Sunday


Wednesday, ____________, Friday


Saturday, _____________, Monday


____________, Monday, ____________


____________, Saturday, ___________


Put the days of the week in reverse order.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Thursday, __________, __________


Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sunday, __________, __________


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Wednesday, _________, __________


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Friday, _________, ___________


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Tuesday, __________, __________


Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Saturday, __________, ___________


Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Monday, ___________, ___________


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