Kindergarten - Explain Your Thinking

Problem Solving
Explain Your Thinking
Explain the reasoning used with concrete objects and - or pictorial representations.
Be able to understand that real objects are sometimes needed to explain concepts. Understand how to use pictures as tools to express math concepts.

Sample Problems


Why would you use coins to count money?


What would you use if you wanted to tell time?


How would you explain a solid shape like a cube to someone?

Learning Tips


When working on math problems it is always helpful to see the problems in pictures as well as in numbers. Start off with simple math concepts such as counting. What could they use to count? Tick marks have been use in the past. We call them tally marks. After jotting down four tally marks, the fifth one crosses the other four to make a complete tally. When a student sees a complete tally they know to count it by fives. This way they can count much more quickly. Counting pictures also helps. Seeing pictures makes the lesson more tangible. After drawing pictures, you can always take actual crayons or objects to practice counting. After practicing with both pictures and objects, ask your child what they would use to practice counting.

Adding and subtracting can work the same way. Draw tick mark or pictures to add. Then move onto actual tangible objects. These methods help to reinforce the lesson. Some children need to see and feel the numbers otherwise it can be a difficult concept to grasp. Ask your student what they would use to practice addition and subtraction.

What would they use to practice telling time? What would they use if they wanted to learn to count money?


Extra Help Problems


Have a box of words at the top of the screen: time, money, addition, subtraction, comparing, counting, geometric shapes

The directions will ask the student to write the word next to the picture it is represented by.

A picture of three o’clock


A picture of a graph comparing modes of transportation


A picture of two dimes and a nickel


A picture of ten lady bugs and two more lady bugs


A picture of sixteen stars


A picture of a cube


A picture of six bicycle with two of them crossed out


A picture of a cylinder


A picture of five pennies and a quarter


A picture of six balls plus three more balls


A picture of ten books and one book is crossed off


A picture of a graph comparing strawberry ice cream to chocolate ice cream


A picture of twenty-four flowers


A picture of seven o’clock



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