Kindergarten - Compare Objects

Compare Objects
Compare two or more sets of objects and identify which set is equal to, more than, or less than the other
Identify objects by name. Count objects from 0 to 10. Understand meaning of more (greater), equal (the same), and less (fewer). Be able to compare different objects to one another.

Sample Problems


Which number is more: 1 or 3?


Can you put numbers in order from least to greatest? 0 to 10.


Which number is less: 5 or 9?


If I wanted to give you two apples for some of your oranges, how many oranges would you have to give me for a fair trade?

Learning Tips


Begin by counting objects. Count only the same objects when you are forming group. Ex: Count a group of ten pencils, a group of ten erasers and a group of ten crayons. After counting the groups, line each group of objects in a row, one exactly above the other. Line the group of ten pencils first. Then immediately below them, line up the group of ten crayons. As you count each crayon, point out that the first crayon can be partnered with the first pencil, the second crayon with the second pencil and so on until you get to the tenth crayon. The fact that all the pencils had a crayon for a partner means that both the crayons and pencils had an equal amount in each group. Now do the same with each eraser. Point out that it can partner off with one crayon and one pencil. At the end each crayon and pencil set had an eraser. This is because the groups were all equal.


This scenario will be similar to tip(1) except this time take away one crayon and two erasers. As the pencils and crayons get paired off have the student take notice that at the end there is one pencil without a partner. This extra pencil means there was one more pencil in the group. The group of pencils was bigger than the group of crayons. Another way of saying this was that the group of pencils was greater than the group of crayons. Alternately you can also point out that the group of crayons was less than the group of pencils. Following this exercise do the same with the erasers.

Extra Help Problems


Produce a greater than less than worksheet similar to game five. The hippo will be between the two groups. The student will be asked to circle the group that contains the most food for the hippo. If the two groups are equal then the student will place an equal sign above the hippo.



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