Kindergarten - Circles And Other Shapes

Circles and Other Shapes
Identify and describe common geometric objects
Be able to look at a shape and identify it by name. Look at the shape and describe it by its attributes. Draw a shape by its name. Recall the name of a shape when its attributes are described.

Sample Problems


Name that shape that has four equal sides.


How many sides does a circle have?


Can you draw a triangle?

Learning Tips


List of shapes: circle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, sphere, cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism, cube, and cylinder.

Gather a few objects from around f the house that can represent common geometric shapes.

Ex. coaster-square ball-sphere

paper- rectangle Kleenex box- rectangular prism

plate- circle die- cube


Some shapes may have to be drawn or created: triangle, cone, pyramid (triangular prism).

Go over the shapes that each object represents. Go over the number of side the shapes have. Some are flat (two dimensional) and some are not flat (three dimensional). Count the faces of the three dimensional objects. Have the child trace the shape with their fingers. Afterwards, have your child draw the shape.


To reinforce the lesson, go over household objects and see if you can find things that represent the shapes.

Ex. Tabletop can be a circle or rectangle, windows, t.v……


Go outside for a walk and see if you can both identify shapes. Make a game of it and see which of you can first spot a circle, who can spot the most rectangles etc.,

When looking at objects outside, remember that they do not have to be perfectly shaped. (Treetop may look like an imperfect circle).

Point out stop signs and other shapes that your child may often see.

Extra Help Problems


The student will be asked to circle the shape.

Circle the square.

Circle triangle square


Circle the triangle.

Circle triangle square


Circle the circle.

Circle triangle square


Circle the cube.

Cube cone cylinder


Circle the cone.

Cube cone cylinder


Circle the cylinder.

Cube cone cylinder


Draw a circle.


Draw a triangle.


Draw a square.


Draw an octagon.


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