Kindergarten - Identify Book Title, Table Of Contents, Author And Illustrator

Reading and Comprehension
Identify book title, table of contents, author and illustrator
Locate the Title, Table of Contents, Name of Author, and Name of Illustrator
Be able to identify the title of a book and locate it in the book. Distinguish between the author’s name and the illustrator’s name. Understand the difference between the two. Locate them in a book. Find the table of contents and recognize its purpose.

Sample Problems


Where can you find the title of a book?


Is the author the person who write the words or the person who draws the pictures?


What kind of book has a table of contents?


Where can I find out what page chapter two starts on?

Learning Tips


To demonstrate this lesson, choose a simple storybook that is divided into chapters. Find one that has illustrations in it. With the book still closed point out all the locations of the title. It is usually on the cover and on the spine. Note the size of the lettering, shape, and coloring. It is usually different from the rest of the cover.

The author’s name is also found on the cover. Point out what word they may use instead of author: written by, story told by, etc., Explain how these are words used in place of the author (writer of the book).

The illustrator’s name is also found on the cover. Focus on what title they give the illustrator (person that draws the pictures): pictures by, drawings by etc.,

The title page also contains some if not all of this information.


The table of contents is located on its on age and is usually labeled the table of contents. This is found in what are called chapter books. The titles of all the chapters can be found on this page. If the child follows a straight horizontal line, they will find a page number. This page number indicates the beginning of the chapter. As you go over the chapters make certain that even though the titles are given, they can also be called chapter one, chapter two and so on.


As an extension of this lesson, you can use magazines and at times certain newspapers.

Extra Help Problems


For this worksheet have a picture of the book cover and table of contents. The student will be asked to color each part of the book.


1) Color the title red.


2) Color the author yellow.


3) Color the illustrator purple.


4) Color chapter for’s title blue.


5) Which page does chapter one start on? Color it green.


The next worksheet should have a picture of the cover of a real book and next to it the table of contents page. Leave blank spaces for the title, author, illustrator and table of contents.


1) The author is John Smith


2) The illustrator is Jane Smith


3) The title of the book is Do Re Mi


4) Put the title Table of Contents on it page.



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