Kindergarten - Ask And Answer Questions About A Text

Reading and Comprehension
Ask and answer questions about a text
Ask and answer question about essential elements of the text.
Able to comprehend short reading passages. Answer questions directly related to the material read. Understand main ideas from text.

Sample Problems


Who is the important character in the story of Little Red Riding Hood?


Why was Little Red Riding Hood going to grandma’s house?


Who was waiting for little Red Riding Hood at her grandma’s house?

Learning Tips


Reading comprehension is very important. Since small children have a short attention span, you will need to pick a simple story that is familiar and fun for them.

Ex. The Three Little Pigs

Begin by reading the story slowly an carefully. Focus on only one sentence at a time.

Ex. Each of the pigs had to build a home.

What did the pigs have to do?”

Why did they have to build homes?”

The first question can be answered by looking at the sentence whereas the second sentence will have your child think. If they are having trouble with the second sentence, help them along.

Ex. Perhaps there were no homes for sale. They needed a place to live.

Have your child answer each questioning a complete sentence.

Ex. “ How old are you?”

Many kids simply say 5 or 6. The complete answer is, “I am 5 years old.” Part of the question can be used in the answer.


After focusing on single sentences, move onto small paragraphs. Identify the main character(s) in the paragraph. Then identify the main idea(s). Make certain that you ask leading questions that can be easily answered by using direct information form the text.

Ex. The First Little Pig bought some straw. He used the straw to build his home. In hardly no time he made his home. Once he was finished he started to play.

Who bought the straw? Why did he build his home out of straw?


After working on simple paragraphs move onto complicated paragraphs. Again find the main character(s) and idea(s).


Have your child ask questions about what they have just read.

What can you ask about what we just read?” Give him/her a few examples.

Extra Help Problems


Answer the questions that follow the text. (The student can answer orally or write their answer down).

We got up early Saturday morning. I helped mom pack the sandwiches for our lunch. Dad was waiting in the car, ready to take us to the zoo.


1) What day of the week was it?


2) What were they going to have for lunch?


3) Who was driving the car?


4) Where were they going?


5) How do you think they felt abut going to the zoo?


Tommy was fidgeting outside of the door. He knew that when the door was shut he was in big trouble. What would his parents do to him? He was only nine years old and he wanted to live to see ten.


1) How was Tommy feeling?


2) Who was on the other side of the door?


3) Why were his parents talking about Tommy?


4) What do you think Tommy though was going to happen to him?


5) Have you ever been in big trouble?



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