Kindergarten - Reading Short Words

Reading and Comprehension
Reading short words
Read simple one-syllable and high-frequency words
Be able to sound out one syllable words. Know how to differentiate between words that contain a short vowel and a long vowel sound. Sight words will be recognized from memory because they are rule breakers. They’re memorized.

Sample Problems


What word do the letters t-e-n spell?


Does this word contain a long vowel or a short vowel?


What word will the letters c-a-k-e make?


Do you hear a long vowel or short vowel sound in the word?


What word is spelled “o-f” ?

Learning Tips


One syllable words can have both long and short vowel sounds. The one syllable words that have short vowel sound have only one vowel inside the word: cat, hen, shop, dip, cut. As you read a story see of you and your child can identify all the one syllable words that contain a short vowel sound. You will notice that they have only one vowel and it is inside the word. (practice)


When a vowel is at the end of a one syllable word, the vowel sound is usually long: e. no, so , go , he , she, me, hi (practice this rule)


When a “Y” comes at the end of a one syllable word, the “Y” usually make the long “i” sound: ex, try, fly, shy, sky (practice this rule)


Now, when there are two vowels in the same syllable, the first one shouts its name (makes a long vowel sound) and the second doesn’t make a peep. Ex. week, meat, meet, shine, lake, hole, smile, scale, mule.


Sight words are rule breakers. Their letters do not make the expected sound. They may look like syllable but the student needs to understand that because they are not part of a bigger word, they are sight words. Ex: of says “uv” not “of” as in the word office

Says – “sez”

Is - “iz”

The - “du”

Come, some , have, was, done, does, been, please, beautiful, people, because, friend.

Other words may appear to be sight words: nice, age, her, are, moon. They are in fact not sight words but have a rule to explain why they make their sounds.

Extra Help Problems


Sight word sheet: sight words will be spelled both correctly and incorrectly. The student will be asked to pick the correctly spelled sight word.

uv uf of


iz is ez


thu tha the


sume some som


as ax oz


have hav haev


bye bi bey


buy byu buye


has haz hase


does doz duz


do du doo


give giv giev


friend frend frind


please pleze pleas


goes gos goc


Picture of an object will be to the left with three word choices to the right:

Cake - ck cak cake


Bike - bk bik bike


Hat- ht hat hate


Bat- bt bat bate


Can- can cn cane


Cone- con coen cone


Dog- doge dg dog


Frog- frgo frog frg


Mop- mope mop mp


Sock- sck sock sok


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