Kindergarten - Tell A Story In Proper Sequence

Listening and Speaking
Tell a story in proper sequence
Relate an experience or creative story in a logical sequence.
Create or retell a story from start to finish. Be able to put ideas in logical order. Stay on track with timeline. Know how to remain in correct tense throughout story.

Sample Problems


Can you tell me what you did today?


What do you do in the morning to get ready for school?


If you found a genie, what would you do?

Learning Tips


To practice sequencing a story, start off by reading simple stories. Key in on the tense that the story is written in. Is it in the past, present, or future tense. Also notice the way the story transitions from one paragraph to the next. Some key words to look for are:

First, next, second, then, after, last , in the end, after a while etc.,


After reading a few short stories have your child practice retelling parts of their day. Start with the beginning of the day, the end of the day or whatever part of the day you would both prefer. You can then try recalling a past event that you were both present for. This way you can help guide them in retelling the story. Make certain that they don’t jump back and forth in their story. You can practice telling a story. Jump around in your story. After some time your child will be thoroughly confused. This will be the time that you can explain to them the importance of retelling a story in logical order.


Something a bit trickier is telling a creative story. Since it hasn’t actually happened it is a bit difficult to come up with a sequence of events. Pick something fun: finding a magic lamp, living with dinosaurs, discovering another planet…

Draw a picture of the story and start brain storming. Let your child come up with ideas. Don’t stop them midway. You may think that you are helping them but children get daunted after a while a will begin self editing and have a much more difficult time coming up with ideas. Allow them to come up with crazy ideas. There will be time for editing later.

Next will be putting their ideas in logical order. What came first? Does it make sense?

Enjoy coming up with the most outlandish stories possible. Who knows, you may have a writer in your midst.

Extra Help Problems


Put the story in order. Cut out the sections and past them on another paper in the correct order. Then draw a picture.

She looked all over the place but couldn’t find the tree from her dreams. As she walked back home she suddenly noticed the tree with blue flowers.

So the next day Suzy went to the park to find the tree from her dreams.

She picked up all the leaves but didn’t find any hidden treasure. As she started walking away, the trees owner came out of his house and saw what Suzy had done. He was so happy to see his leaves picked up that he gave her ten dollars.

"It’s there underneath the tree with blue flowers. The treasure is hidden underneath the pile of leaves." Said the magic fairy in Suzy’s dream.


That was close. For now, Martins’ dragon would remain his secret.

The sudden boom woke the whole house. Everyone got up quickly and ran to their safe meeting place, the backyard. Mom counted heads as Dad went back into the house to check things out.

After a while dad cam back outside and joined the rest of the family. He said, “Everything looks fine. I don’t know what made that loud boom but whatever it was is not here anymore.” With that they all went back inside.

Martin was so nervous. Would Dad find what had made the noise? He hoped that he had hidden it well. No one would understand.


The score was tied. The bases were loaded. Jill was up at bat.

Suddenly everyone was shouting, “RUN. RUN.” Jill ran all the way to home plate. She hit her first home run.

The pitcher threw the ball. Jill closed her eyes and swung at the ball. It was suddenly quiet. Jill opened her eyes and saw that everyone was staring at the outfield.

Everyone was counting on her. If she at least got on base then her friend Connie could run home and score the winning point for their team.

She was the only member of her team who had not hit the ball yet. Now was not the time for her to think about that. Her hands were shaking.


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