Kindergarten - Share Ideas And Speak In Complete Sentences

Listening and Speaking
Share ideas and speak in complete sentences
Share information and ideas, speaking audibly in complete, coherent sentences.
Be able to speak in a loud and clear voice. Know how to relate ideas and information by using complete and coherent sentences.

Sample Problems


What do you need to have to make a sentence complete?


When you are speaking to someone, should you whisper or use a big clear voice?

Learning Tips


It is sometimes a bit difficult for students to learn to use their big speaking voices. They generally tend to whisper or speak more softly when they are outside of the home. Practice with your child to use their bigger voice. Have your child sit erect. This allows for their lungs to get a full amount of air. Next, have your child speak using not only their voice but the energy that comes from their diaphragm. You can each take a turn saying the same sentence. Se who can use a bigger speaking voice without shouting. Have a third person sit across the room and see if they can hear each of you. Have fun with this lesson. Use silly sentences.


Complete sentences have two significant parts. The first part has a noun and the second part has a verb. The noun and verb should also agree so that the sentences are also coherent. The tense the sentence is written in should be consistent. If the sentence begins in the present tense, the entire sentence needs to remain in the present tense.

Ex. The children are playing outside. (Complete and coherent)

The children is played on swing. ( Complete but incoherent)

Extra Help Problems


Connect the subject of the sentence, person or thing, to the doing part of the sentence.

A cloud was playing with a puppy.


The teacher is on the wall.


The kittens smiled at her students.


The beautiful butterflies are very nice.


Today floated across the sky.


A boy walked around the ring.


The flowers is nice and sunny.


The U.S. map landed on the flowers.


My friends smell good.


The circus elephant wanted warm milk.


Read the following sentences and have the student repeat them in a loud speaking voice.


How are you today?


My favorite ice cream is (fill in the blank).


Let’s go out and play.



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