Kindergarten - Characters, Settings And Important Events

Stories and Literature
Characters, settings and important events
Identify characters, settings and important events
Be able to recognize and name characters in a story. Understand that character can be human, animals, and imagined. Describe the settings in story. Determine important events in a story (problem and solution).

Sample Problems


What’s the name of the girl who had a fairy godmother?


An you describe where Cinderella first met the Prince?


Why was Cinderella sad?


How did her fairy godmother help her?

Learning Tips


Analyze a story that is both simple and familiar. Can the main character be identified from the title?

Ex. Cinderella

Explain that the main character is who or what the story is about. As you begin the story, identify the character(s) that appear at the beginning of the story. Point out if they are human or nonhuman.

Ex. Cinderella, fairy godmother, mice etc.,

Then describe the setting. First focus on the things that can be seen. Why are they there? Then describe the place. What is the day like? Daytime/nighttime, sunny, rainy. Is there a mood/feeling? Is it set in the past, present, or future?

Ex. The ball is in the palace at night. Everyone is dressed in beautiful ball gowns and suits.


Go over the story slowly. Most children’s books have ‘good’ guys and ‘bad’ guys. There is usually something the good guy wants or needs to do and the bad guy tries to stop them. This is an important event in the story. Sometime there can be more than one event in the story but there is always one that is the most important.

Ex. Problem: Cinderella’s wicked stepmother mistreats Cinderella.

Solution: Cinderella has a fairy godmother come to her rescue.

Problem: Cinderella wants to go to the ball but doesn’t have a way to get there.

Solution: Her fairy godmother uses hr wand to turn her rags into a beautiful dress and turns the pumpkin into a beautiful coach.

Problem: Cinderella has to leave the Ball before the Prince can find out who she is.

Solution: The prince finds the glass slipper which only fits Cinderella.


Main idea: There are many important events but there is usually a main idea in the story. The story of Cinderella is about a good girl being rewarded by marrying her prince charming.

Extra Help Problems


Identify the character(s) by writing the name(s) on the line..

Patty Pig loved to run in the flower beds. He rolled around them until she was covered in flowers. Character(s):_______________


The kittens were frightened. The bull dog was not supposed to have woken up. He stood between them and their only way out.



The rain started coming down on top of them. Katie’s new dress was ruined. Mary was really happy she had decided to wear the ‘ratty’ old jeans after all.



Identify the important event(s).

The storm blew the rooftop off the house. They had to find another place to hide before the tornado hit.

Find the problem:__________________________


The lion was getting closer. David and his sisters were very scared. He had to be brave or all of them. David scrambled around and found a huge rock which he picked up and go ready to throw.

Find the problem: ________________________


All their tummies were grumbling. There was no food in the entire house. They had no money and the snow covered up all the food that they might have been able to find in the woods.

Find the problem:__________________________


Draw the setting on a piece of paper.

The beach was perfect for the picnic. It was already getting to be a warm and sunny morning. The blue waves were saying hello to the sand. There was no one around this early in the day.


They went deeper and deeper into the water. They could no longer see the light from the surface. Suddenly their little submarine was surrounded by the most colorful fish that they had ever seen. Some were hiding among the plants and others were behind the coral.


Standing in front of the lion’s cage was very exciting. Everyone was waiting for the lion to come out of his den and give a big roar. It was almost time for his lunch. The audience was completely still.


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