Kindergarten - Making Predictions

Stories and Literature
Making predictions
Use picture and context to make predictions about story content
Look at a picture and identify both objects in the picture and the actions. Be able to describe the objects in the picture. Describe what is happening in the picture before reading the text that goes along with the picture. Be able to interpret a scene in their on words.

Sample Problems


Name three things that you see in the picture.


What is happening in the picture?


How do you think the person in the picture is feeling?

Learning Tips


Use a storybook that contains several colorful pictures. Try using a book that is familiar to you and your child. Cover up the text associated with the picture. Although the story may be familiar see how close your child gets to the actual story. (Don’t use a story that your child has practically memorized).

Start by asking your child to identify the person, place and/or things in the story (nouns). Ex. A tree, a girl, a ball, grass…


Next ask your child to describe each noun. Ex. A little girl, a red ball, tall grass…


Now describe the action(s) taking place in the picture. Ex. The girl is bouncing a ball. Also describe facial expressions if there are any.


Try combining all of these ideas into coherent thoughts and include the setting. Ex. It is daytime and the little girl is playing with her red ball on the tall grass. She really likes bouncing her ball. It makes her happy.

Extra Help Problems


Match the picture to the sentence that describes it.

Suzy was going for a walk.

Emma was very hungry.


Ana was studying for her test. Lisa loves listening to music.


Jane loves ice cream. Ana did well on her test.

Pam used the map for show and tell. Cindy was feeling sick.


Sam loves to play soccer. Robin loves riding her bike.


Dave went swimming. Doug went scuba diving.


It’s snowing. It’s raining.


The little witch flew on her

broom. The little witch was getting ready

to fly.


The mean troll waited on The mean troll waited on the log.

the wall.


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