Kindergarten - Fantasy Vs. Reality

Stories and Literature
Fantasy vs. reality
Distinguish fantasy from realistic text.
Be able to tell the difference between make believe and real life. Understand that make believe never happened. Identify the words or phrases that are found in fantasies. Recognize when a story is true.

Sample Problems


Is the story about Cinderella true?


When you write a story about your family, is it a true story or a make believe story?


Can animals really talk to humans?


Would you be able to go to outer space?

Learning Tips


Gather at least two or three stories of each.

Read the introduction for each. Point out the word or words that start a fantasy.

Ex. Once upon a time…..

Long long ago in a place far far away…

Find key elements in the story that make it apparent that it is a fantasy.

Ex. Animals talking…

Animals doing things that humans do…

Magic causing things to appear or disappear…


Read the introduction to a true story. Most true stories start with the background of the person. It talks about them as a young person. The story is told as a sequence of events that follow a general timeline.

Most stories are of famous people or events. There is no magic in the stories. Animals are not talking to people.


Compare the fiction and non-fiction stories. Focus on similarities and differences in both.

Extra Help Problems


Circle the sentence that is part of a make believe story.

  1. Once upon a time there lived a very lonely king.

  2. The birds flew south for the winter.


1) A long time ago in a magic kingdom there lived a dragon.

2) The dog barked frantically trying to get help for his master.

  1. The little girl cried after her doll broke.

  2. The princess kissed the frog and it turned into a handsome price.

  1. Stacy flew to the stars on her magic carpet.

  2. Darcie was so happy to finally be able to write her name.

  1. The cat and dog pretended to be asleep when their owner walked through the door.

  2. The tree had beautiful apples on every branch.



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