Kindergarten - Identify Types Of Print Materials, Storybooks, Poems And Newspapers

Stories and Literature
Identify types of print materials, storybooks, poems and newspapers
Identify types of everyday print materials.
Be able to recognize different types of printed material. Identify the types of material by their names. Recognize specific attributes for each type of printed material.

Sample Problems


What is the paper that wraps around a can called?


Would you look in a book or a newspaper to find out when a movie is playing?


Which one has rhyming words in it: a poem a label.

Learning Tips


Go around the house (from room to room) with your child to find printed material.

In the kitchen you can find boxes-ingredients, cans- labels, recipe cards, etc., Identify each by name and its purpose.

In the bathroom locate all items that have print on them. Again name each type of printed material and its purpose. There may be directions inside boxes of medicine, labels on hair products etc.,

In the bedroom clothing will have labels or tags. Review what the tag indicates: materials, cleaning direction, place its made.

The living room may have different types of reading material: magazines, newspapers, books. Explain how each is different.

A magazine is about the length of a regular sheet of paper or bigger. The pages are thin and it looks like a thin book. They contain short stories and advertisement.

A book usually contains a single story or a series of stories that cover the same topic. There are also books of poetry, anthologies, and workbooks. Explain the purpose of each.


After looking at materials around the house, go outside and see if you can find printed materials. There are signs that tell you where you can park, stop signs, yield signs, directions, freeway signs.


Go to a department store and look at all the types of printed materials. There are price tags, bathroom signs, department signs, aisle signs etc.,


Ask your child why having all these different types of material. What would happen if they didn’t exist?

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Extra Help Problems


Have these words at the top of the page inside of a box:

Magazine, newspaper, poem, sign, directions, price tag, recipe, book, ingredients, stop sign, map.

Beneath the box have pictures that would represent each word. Under each picture have a blank line to fill in the name.


Circle the correct answer.

If you wanted to make a cake, where would you look?

Price tag recipe card


You want to see where a movie is playing?

Book newspaper


You want to eat a can of mushroom soup.

Label magazine


You are allergic to peanuts and want to eat a cookie.

Ingredients sign


You’re driving and are lost.

Poem map


You want to read the story about Cinderella.

Book poem



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