Kindergarten - The Alphabet - Lowercase And Uppercase Letters

The alphabet - lowercase and uppercase letters
Recognize and name all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
Identify all the capital letters and their lowercase partner letters. Distinguish the difference in size between a capital and lowercase letter.

Sample Problems


Is this a capital letter “A”?


Name this letter “i”. Is this a capital or lowercase letter.


Draw the partner letter for this letter “H”.

Learning Tips


Have a preprinted set of the alphabet letters. Identify the capitals and their partner lowercase letters. To check for understanding, point to the letter and give an incorrect name. Your child should be able to teach you the correct name.


Print all the capital letters and lowercase letters on their own individual cards. Have your child match the capitals to the lowercase letters. After a few successful tries start timing your child. Make a game of it by seeing if you or your child is faster at matching the cards


Print a capital letter “A” and then its partner “a” Point out that the lowercase is about half the size of the capital. Go through the rest of the alphabet Pint out the size differences and in some cases the letters are ALMOST the same height..

Extra Help Problems


Connect the capital letter to its lowercase letter. Have all the capital letters written on the left half of the paper and all the lowercase letters written on the right side of the paper. The student should connect capital to its lowercase


A p

Q l


Z o

W i


S k

X m


E j

D u


C n

R h


F y

V t


T b

G r


B f

Y v


H c

N g


U d

J e


M w

I s


K z

O x


P q

L a


Create a jumble of letters and have the student circle all the capital letters and put a box around the lowercase letters. Color the lowercase letters differently from the capital letters so the student can identify them more easily.


A s d F G h j k

L M n B v C x Z

q W E r T Y U i

p H N t g D f S


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