Kindergarten - Letters Vs. Words

Letters vs. words
Distinguish letters from words
Recognize that the alphabet is made up of 26 distinct letters. All the words in our English language can be made from a grouping of these letters. Understand that by simply putting letters together, you do not necessarily make a word. A word can be a single vowel ( I, A, a) but all words must contain at least one vowel.

Sample Problems


Can you name all the letters in the alphabet?


How many letters are in your name?


How many letters are in the word I?


How many times does the letter p appear in the word people?


Is ddd a word or letters?

Learning Tips


Have all the letters of the alphabet written down with the capital and lowercase letters partnered up. Put them on separate flashcards and ask your child to identify the letter.


Separate the upper and lowercase letters and ask your child to tell you the name of the letter and whether it is a capital or lowercase. Make a game of it. Ask your child to quiz you. Get some wrong and ask your child for help.


Have your child remove the vowels from their stack of cards (both upper and lowercase).


Write a few every day words on cards (the, cat, mom, dad etc.,). Point out that these words all contain at least one vowel.


The word I is always capitalized whereas ‘a’ can be both lower or uppercase depending where it appears in a sentence.

Extra Help Problems


Circle the word. I i


th the


b be


c see


A tht


r are


t tea


Circle the misspelled word:


I will b home.


She can’t ply outside.


Mom and Dad r going to the movies.


The dog chsd the cat.


Will u play with me?


i have a pet cat.



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