Kindergarten - Letters Have Different Sounds

Letters have different sounds
Understand that as letters of words change so do the sounds
Be able to identify single letter changes in a word. This letter change will cause a change in the way a word is said. Student will be able to sound out new word. The student will also realize that changing one letter in a word may produce a whole new word with a completely different meaning.

Sample Problems


Sound out the word h-u-g. What does it say?


Now change the g in the word “hug” to an m. What doe the word say?


If the vowel in the word hum is changed to an “e” what will it say?

Learning Tips


Start with one syllable words that contain a short vowel sound.

Ex. hug Spell out the word. Have the child sound it out. After sounding it out ask the child to tell you what it means. Change the last letter “g” to an “m”. Now ask the child to sound it out and again ask him/her what it means. If s/he doesn’t know, explain to them the word.

Put one word above the other and point out the single letter difference. Again review the meaning. Then use one word in a sentence.

Ex. I will give my mom a hug. Then substitute the word for the newly changed word. I will give my mom a hum. Use hand motions or movement to act out the sentences whenever possible. This will be both fun and memorable.

Repeat the exercise but this time change the first letter in hug to an “m”. So now the word is mug. The new sentence can be:

My dad gives me a hug before I go to bed. The replacement of the word mug will change the sentence: My dad gives me a mug before I go to bed.

Extra Help Problems


Sentences: A sentence will appear with a blank inside of it.

Beneath the sentence will appear two words with only one letter difference.

My mom cooks food in the ________.

pan pen


I like to eat _____.

cave cake


I use a knife to ___ the cake.

Cat cut


The kids run to the ______. Lake like


If it is hot we will go for a ____. Swim swam


The ____ is cooling us off. Fan fat


My brother likes to ____ me. Hum hug


The sky is ____. Blue glue


The ____ is very blue. Sea set


My family and I will go for a _____. Run rug


Change one letter so that the first word will become the last word in the column. Have the student define each new word.

C a n

C a _

_ a t

P e t


C a t

C _ t

_ o t



L a k e

_ a k e

B _ k e

B i t e


F e e t

F e e _

_ e e l

H e a l


F l a g

F l a _

F l _ p

_ l i p

C h i p



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