Kindergarten - Write Words Using Consonant-vowel-consonant

Write words using consonant-vowel-consonant
Write consonant vowel consonant words
Be able to write simple one vowel words using the alphabetic principle. Know that a word containing a vowel in the middle will produce a short vowel sound. The consonant at the beginning and at the end will make their own unique sounds. Make words that have one consonant letter at the beginning of the word, followed by a single vowel, and ending with a single consonant.

Sample Problems


Can you spell the word “hat”?


What is the word spelled by the letters p-a-n?

Learning Tips


Review the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. After reviewing start making words. Select a vowel to begin with. Have your child make the sound of the vowel. Ad a consonant letter after the vowel.

Ex. a – ab Since ab is not a real word, add a consonant to the front of the blend to produce a real word.

Ex. cab, dab, gab, jab, lab, nab, tab Go over each word and describe it. Use these words in sentences so that your child will understand how to use them. These words can be made as rhyming sounds. Have fun with this and see which of you can make the most real words.


Ex. ad- cad, bad, dad, …..

ag - bag, hag, jag, lag….


ay- bay, day, gay, hay…

Go through all the letters of the alphabet to try and produce a many real words. If you wonder whether or not they are real words, look them up.


After trying out all the possible a words, move to the ‘e’ then the ‘i’, ‘o’, and ‘u’.

Extra Help Problems


Unscramble the words and write them on the line provided.

Bda _________


Tca __________


Gra __________


Aht ___________


Tpa ____________


Gle _________


Npe ________


Wbe _________


Tne _________




Bti _________


Pri __________


Idk ___________


Ifg __________


Giw __________


Toh _______


Otg ________


Odg __________


Pmo _________


Bso ________


Ghu _________


Gbu ________


Mhu _______


Bsu ________


Nru ________


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