Kindergarten - Writing For Kindergarten

Writing for Kindergarten
Use letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experiences, stories, people, objects, or events
Be able to sound out words. Identify individual sounds heard in a word. Use letters to represent sounds heard in the word. Use letters and phonetically spelled words

Sample Problems


Can you spell the word cat?


Write the sentence, “A cat is on the mat.”

Learning Tips


Review all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Differentiate between consonants and vowels. Afterward work on sounding out short vowel words.

Ex. cat- Ask your child to slowly sound out the word. Then ask for only the first sound and the letter that makes that sound. Your child may say either ‘c’ or ‘k’. Both would be correct because we are spelling using the sounds, not the correct spelling. Then move onto the next sound. Only one vowel can produce that sound so in this case it would be the ‘a’. The last sound is also uniquely attributed to the letter ‘t’. Short vowel words contain only one vowel.


Long vowel sounds are produced by two vowels. He long vowel sound is made by the letter that is heard first.

Ex. cake- This word can have several spellings but must contain at least two vowels. Explain that the second vowel is usually the letter ‘e’ but not always. The following are some possible spellings:

Kake, cake, cace, caec, caek, kaek, kaec.


Some words (sight words) make sounds that are vey different from the letters used to spell them.

Is- iz

Give- giv

Has- haz


Some letters make sounds that are similar to words.

b- be r- are

c- see t- tea

I - eye u- you

Online Resources

Extra Help Problems


Spell the name of the picture.

Picture of a bat - bat.(One acceptable spelling).


Picture of a fan- fan


Picture of a lake- lake, laek, lace, laec


Picture of a table- table, tabul, tabel, taybel


Picture of a ball- bol, bal, ball, boll


Picture of a car- car, kar, cor, kor


Describe the picture. This will have so many different possibilities. The student and parent can work on it together.

A picture of kids playing baseball.


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