Kindergarten - Write From Left To Right, Top To Bottom

Write from left to right, top to bottom
Write by moving from left to right and from top to bottom.
Be able to understand that writing is done from left to right. Also recognize that writing starts at the top of the page and progresses in a downward motion. Realize that the pattern is similar to the way words are read.

Sample Problems


Do you begin writing on the left side of a page or on the right side of the page?


Can you point to the last sentence on the page?


How do you know that this is the last sentence?

Learning Tips


Practice identifying left from right and top from bottom. Practice by taking a paragraph from one of your child’s books. Point out the beginning of the paragraph. Where does it start? Which direction do the words flow? Once the first line is filled, where does the next line begin? Do the lines continue being filled going up the page or down the page?

Your child should notice that the words flow from left to right and top to bottom. We write the same way.


Move onto the computer. Type both words and simple sentences on the screen. Type slowly so that your child can see the way the letters and the words appear on the screen. Again have your child notice the flow of the words.


Practice writing simple words and sentences on a piece of paper. Again, point out the flow of the words and the sentences. Have your child practice printing a few letters and/or words.

Extra Help Problems


Copy the words in correct order on the line.

The is

sun bright.



like I run. to



Go play. and out



car is red. The



dance? Can you



Put the letters in order to form words. (Have a picture of the word).


I p (pin)



d g (dog)



a c (car)



e b (bed)



e l (leg)


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