Kindergarten - Matching Sounds To Letters

Letter and Word Sounds
Matching sounds to letters
Match all consonant and short vowel sounds to appropriate letters.
Be able to sound out all consonant and vowels. Know the difference between consonants and vowels. Know that vowels make two sounds and be able to identify the short sounds.

Sample Problems


How many vowels are there in our alphabet?


Name each vowel and their unique sound.


If the letter is not a vowel, then what is it?


Identify the short vowel sound found in the word (K-1)


Write simple sentences using short vowel words (1)


Read simple sentences containing short vowel words (K – 1)


Read stories comprised mainly of short vowel words (K – 1)

Learning Tips


When first introducing letters and their sounds, making funny faces and hand motions helps child make the association. This tool helps to trigger recall of sound. Also, provide pictures of easily identifiable pictures that begin with the sound that you are trying to reinforce (ex. ax, bat…)


Use flash cards with each alphabet letter on an individual card. First focus on only the vowels. Practice making the short vowel sounds. Once the student has mastered the vowels, include some of the consonants. Once the student is familiar with all the vowels and consonants, hold the cards with the letters facing you. Make the sound of a letter and ask the child which letter makes that sound. You can make a game of it and see which of you can do a better job of it.

Extra Help Problems


A worksheet will have pictures of common items. After each picture will be a list of the five vowels. The student will be asked to circle the vowel sound heard in the word.

Picture of : pan a e I o u


Picture of : pen a e I o u


Picture of : pin a e I o u


Picture of : mop a e I o u


Picture of : mud a e I o u


Picture of : hen a e I o u


Picture of : man a e I o u


Picture of : hut a e I o u


Picture of : chin a e I o u


Picture of : top a e I o u


This worksheet will also have pictures instead of words but this time the student will be asked to circle the letter heard at the beginning of the word.

bed d b e


cat c a t


fan a n f


dog d g o


zoo z o w


gum m g u


lamp p l a m


sun u n s


ram r a m


x-ray a y x r


yo-yo o y


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