Kindergarten - Rhyming Words

Letter and Word Sounds
Rhyming words
Identify and produce rhyming words in response to an oral prompt
Understand that rhyming words have the same ending sound. Know that rhyming words may have ending sounds but may be spelled differently. Know that rhyming words are independent of number of syllables.

Sample Problems


What is the ending sound in the word cat?


Do the words fat and rat rhyme?


Do the words sit and sat rhyme? Why or why not?


Can you find a word that rhymes with ice?

Learning Tips


Start with a simple blend: at. Explain to the student that you will practice rhyming by adding a letter in front of at so that at will be the ending sound: bat, cat, fat, blat, flat, splat, chat. There can be more than one letter added to the beginning.


Move onto two or more syllable words that rhyme: comply, deny, butterfly. Stress the ending sound.


Read a nursery rhyme and point out the rhyming words: Twinkle Twinkle is a familiar one or Humpty Dumpty.


Practice writing a poem. You can make it funny so that it will be easier to find rhyming words: There was a rat. It was very fat. Because it ate a cat.

Extra Help Problems


In the center of a paper have the word bed. Surround it with twenty words, some rhyming and some that don’t. The student should circle the rhyming words. More worksheets can be created in a similar way.


There can be a box at that top that contains words that will rhyme with each problem.

Write a word that rhymes with kiss. miss


“””””hen”””. pen


“””””car””. far


“””””high””. fly


“””””blue””” . drew


“””””spoon””””. cartoon


“””””card”””. yard


“””””box”””. fox


“”””sock”’”. clock


“”””toy””””. boy


“”””girl”””. twirl


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