Kindergarten - Sorting Words Into Categories

Sorting words into categories
Identify and sort common words in basic categories
Be able to find similarities among common words. After grouping by similar characteristics, break groups down further by finding the differences. These attributes will help in sorting words into groups.

Sample Problems


Which of these words belong together? Hamburger, chair , pizza, hot dog.


Why do these words belong together?


Which of thee words belong together? Elephant, pirate, tiger, and giraffe.


Why do these words belong together?

Learning Tips


Making this activity fun will help reinforce this lesson. First choose a category: Ex. Food

Having objects to manipulate will make this lesson more interesting for both you and the child. Got o the kitchen and begin grabbing a few items: fork, bowl, milk, cereal, spoon, canned food, soap, bread, carrots, rice, paper towel, tea pot. Ask the child to pick out all the food items. Have a pencil and paper ready. Write down the names of all the food items that you child mentions. If s/he is having trouble, ask him/her a few questions to guide them in the right direction.


You can create another list of words. Again make it fun for the two of you. Try listing princesses or princes.

Extra Help Problems


For each category a list of words will be given. The student will be asked to choose the word that does not belong.

Junk Food: banana, cookie, cake, ice cream


Make believe people: Barbie, Cinderella, George Washington, Shrek


Modes Of Transportation: car, train, magic carpet, plane


Coins: penny, nickel, five dollars, dime, quarter


Shapes: blanket, circle, square, triangle


Colors: purple, green, rainbow, yellow


Dairy: milk, ice cream, eggs, yogurt


Meat: fish, chicken, beef, tofu


Veggies: egg plant, rice, broccoli, carrots


Liquids: water, milk, juice, pudding


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