Kindergarten - Describe Common Objects And Events

Describe common objects and events
Describe Common Objects and Events In Both General and Specific Language
Use general descriptions to describe an object. Then use more specific language to describe the same object. Describe events in general language. Know how to use more descriptive language to describe an event in detail.

Sample Problems


Tell me what color the flower is.


What did you do at your birthday party?

Learning Tips


Locate objects around the house. Ask your should to name the object. After the object is named, describe the color (red, blue, etc.,). Ask your child about the objects size.

Ex. This is a chair. The chair is blue and made of wood.

Ex. This is a rug. The rug is thick. It has a brown and white pattern.

Explain that the more specific sentences may connect describing words.


To describe an event, try to recall something that happened recently.

Ex. A birthday party.

(General) We went to a birthday party. We had fun.

To get more specific and detailed ask your child probing questions.

Whose birthday party was it?

Did they have food? What kind of food?

Did they play games? Tell me about the games played.

Were there presents? Did you give a present?

Explain that the more descriptive sentences may contain describing words (adjectives) and doing words (verbs).

Extra Help Problems


Have a picture on the left of the worksheet. To the right of the picture will be words. Have the student circle only the words that describe the picture.


(Big red ball) round square blue little big


(White furry cat) dog cat fluffy skinny black white


(Green car) big little blue green car truck


(Yellow flower) green red yellow flower weed


(Brown dog) yellow tan cat dog big little


(Park) swing grass trees flowers birds slide


(Teacher) man woman nice mean happy sad


(blanket) warm rough soft small big


(Baseball bat) heavy light wood plastic smooth rough


Have your child describe a family member.


Have your child describe their favorite toy.


Ask your child to describe their favorite day.


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