4th Grade - Answer Questions About Graphs

Graphs and Charts
Answer Questions About Graphs
Interpret one- and two-variable data graphs to answer questions about a situation.
Read and find information about data that is represented on graphs (bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, etc.)

Sample Problems


What program do 3 year olds watch the most? _______________ (Dora the Explorer)


Line graph

What was the difference in test scores from year 1 to year 7? (700-400 = 300 points)


Bar graph- About how many people were surveyed about their favorite foods? ______(about 272 people)


Circle graph: What types of books do students enjoy the least? _________ (Biographies)


Which type of graph should be used if you want to compare the amount of time animals sleep? ___________ (bar graph)

Learning Tips


How to choose an appropriate graph:

Line graph- shows change over time; Use a line graph to show whether data increases or decreases.

Bar graph- compares data. Use a bar graph to see how may of each type of item are in the data.

Double bar graph- Compares 2 sets of data. You can compare how two items are represented in the data.

Circle graph-shows how data as a whole is broken into different parts.

Line plot- shows how many times each number occurs in the data

Stem and leaf plot- shows data arranged by place value. Use the plot to organize a long list of numbers.


Design Graphs

Materials: rulers, chart paper, pencils, markers, crayons

Have child design graphs that relate to their daily lives. For example,

  • Make circle graphs dividing up their day

  • Make bar graphs comparing how much each person watches television

It will help them be able to identify various types of graphs and understand why they are used.


Make survey questions and interpret their data into graphs. They can ask their friends some questions about: Favorite food, favorite video games, favorite books, etc. It will allow them to have fun while learning.


Review the parts of a graph:


Headings for x and y-axes





Research the internet and find various graphs that your child is studying. Have them organize the graphs making columns on chart paper and pasting the graph in the appropriate column that represents the graph.

Extra Help Problems


Bar graph—What is the difference between cookies and cream and vanilla ice cream? __________


How many people enjoy strawberry, chocolate, and mint ice cream? ______

(about 172 people)


Bar graph- What type of data does the graph represent? _______

(Comparing the type of hobbies enjoyed by kids)


What type of graph is being used below? ___________

(bar graph)


Double Bar Graph- What two types of people are being compared in the double bar graph? ____________ (boys and girls)


Double bar graph- Who enjoys reading the least? ________ (girls)


Double bar graph- When was the most candy sold at both schools? ___________ (Week 1)


Double Bar graph- Which types of sports are being represented in the graph? _________________________ (Volleyball, kickball, softball, basketball, dodge ball and handball)


Line graph- Which month(s) is the temperature the same in New York and Chicago? _________ (September and December)


Line graph- What is the difference in temperature for January and October for Chicago? ____________ (40 – 20 = 20°)


Line graph What is the range of books read in the reading challenge? ______

(5 – 140 for 3rd grade; 5 – 70 for 2nd grade)


Line graph Which grade read the most in the reading challenge? _______(3rd grade)


Line graph- What is the scale and intervals for the graph? ___________

(scale- 0-800; intervals 100)


Line graph- Did the number of graduating seniors increase or decrease over the years? _________ (increase)


Circle graph- What did Carey spend most of her money on during her vacation? ___________ (hotel)


Circle graph- What three items cost the same amount of money? _______

(Notebook, pens, and markers)


Which graph compares data? _________ (Bar graphs)


Which graph shows parts of a whole? ______ (Circle graphs)


Which graph shows how data increases and decreases over time? _______ (line graph)


What type of graph should be used to tell what type of cars are parked in the parking lot? ________________

(bar graphs)


What type of graph should be used to tell how much time is spent in each class every day at school? _______________

(circle graph)


What type of graph should be used to chart the various amounts of snowfall for the month of January? _____________

(line graph)


What type of graph should be used to show the favorite movies of boys and girls? __________

(double bar graph)


What type of graph should be used to show how many cousins each person has? __________

(line plot)


What type of graph should be used to record the age of each person in the class? __________

(Stem and leaf plot)


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