6th Grade - Following Multiple-step Directions

Speaking and Listening
Following multiple-step directions
Restate and execute multiple-step oral instructions and directions.
Be able to repeat and perform oral instructions and directions.

Building Blocks/Prerequisites


Sample Problems


What are oral instructions or directions? (spoken commands or explanations how to do something)


What are “multiple-step” instructions or directions? (have more than one step in the process)


What are some situations where you are given oral instructions? (at school, in an airplane, on a sports team, by your parents, at a job, etc.)


What skills are necessary to be able to repeat and follow oral instructions? (Listening, memory)


What could be some consequences for failing to remember or follow oral instructions? (getting lost, having trouble at school, endangering oneself, etc.)

Learning Tips


Listen to these directions and then REPEAT the steps. Don’t do it yet!

  1. Stand up.

  2. Clap three times.

  3. Turn all the way around in a circle to your right.

  4. Do the same to the left.

  5. Clap three times.

  6. Sit down.


Now try the six steps.


Get a piece of paper and a pencil and listen to these instructions. Repeat them after you hear them.

  1. Fold your paper in half vertically.

  2. Unfold the paper.

  3. Fold your paper horizontally.

  4. Unfold the paper.

  5. Number the squares 1-4.


What does your paper look like? (4 squares labeled 1-4)


Write directions/instructions in no more than 6 steps for another person to repeat and then follow.

Extra Help Problems


Which Way???


Read the story below (or listen to it read aloud). Then place the number (starting with 1) on the lines below to correctly order the events as they happened in the story.

"Wow, look at that one," I said as my best friend Sarah and I jumped on the trampoline one hot summer night. It was after dark and we were looking at the stars.

I thought I was living a normal life, and I was until... a couple nights later we were on the trampoline again and we saw a strange purplish light right above us. "Are there any satellites that color?," I asked as I started to get off the side of the trampoline. Sarah shook her head slowly. I stared straight at the light. Then it got bigger. It seemed to come closer.

Sarah and I leaped off the trampoline and sprinted towards the house. We stopped when we were half way there because it got bigger and bigger and slowly it turned into a faint aircraft figure. It came closer and closer and slowly but surely landed in our yard. Sarah being the brave one walked up to it. I stayed behind because I was scared. It looked like an alien spacecraft, but those aren't real.

As Sarah walked up to it, a door at the base opened. Then, faint pink glowing figures appeared in the doorway. They looked somewhat like the aliens in Men in Black. They practically glowed in the dark!! My heart seemed to skip a beat when one of the creatures raised its finger and pointed at me. Then it moved its finger towards the craft. I wasn't sure but I got the impression that they wanted me to go with them. I took a step forward. I felt their icy cold hands grip my shoulder and shove me in!!! Then I felt the ship shake and vibrate and I got butterflies in my stomach as we lifted off! Up we went. I looked out the window and tried to get out, but it was no use. I peered out the window again and saw a planet. I figured it was Mars. Then I felt the ship's familiar shake again. It slowed down and stopped. The door slowly opened again. The aliens pushed me out. I stepped out onto the mushy ground. Then I realized something was wrong! Humans can't breathe the air in space! I dreaded my next breath, but I had to take it. I breathed in and felt my body grow weak. Then... I woke up!!!!



________ They notice a strange color in the sky.

________ The aircraft landed in their yard.

_________ The author jumps on the trampoline for the first time.

_________ The author awoke from her dream.

_________ One of the creatures points at the author.

_________ The two charaters jump off of the trampoline and run to get away from the strange light.



In a story, things happen in order of events or sequence. Signal words like, first, second, next finally, after or then can identify the next event. Read (or listen to) the following carefully and number the events in the correct sequence.

Adam was training for the track meet for his middle school. He was to run in three races alone and in one relay. He practiced each day. The first thing he did was to stretch his muscles and make sure his muscles were ready to run. He stretched for ten minutes each morning. Then, he would run up and down the stadium steps three times before heading to the track. After running up the stadium steps, Adam would do twenty laps around the track. Finally, he would run all the way home and eat a large breakfast before showering



________ Adam ran up and down the stadium steps three times.

________ He took a shower.

_________Adam stretched his muscles for ten minutes.

_________ He ate a large breakfast.

_________ Adam did twenty laps around the track.

_________ He ran all the way home.


Print out the map at http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/early_childhood/follow/map/ and give your child the directions orally.


Print out the incomplete map of North America and tell your child where to put country names (if he doesn’t already know) and assign colors for the different countries.


Make dinner with your child, dictating the recipes orally.


Have your child help you put something together as you read the instructions.


Give your child five household tasks to complete in the correct order.


Have your child help you fill out a complicated application form, dictating the directions orally.


Have your child write a list of instructions for you to complete in order


Draw a simple picture; hide it and try to have your friend or family member duplicate it by following your oral instructions.


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