6th Grade - Writing Organization And Arrangement

Writing organization and arrangement
Use a variety of effective and coherent organizational patterns, including comparison and contrast; organization by categories; and arrangement by spatial order, order of importance, or climactic order.
Be able to write in a variety of organizational patterns.

Sample Problems


Why is it important to organize your writing? (makes it easier to plan, follow, and understand)


How would you organize a compare/contrast essay? (more than one answer) (Sample: introduce both items, discuss item 1, discuss item 2, discuss similarities and/or differences, conclusion)


If you were writing about types of skin cancer, how would you organize the essay? (Introduction, then paragraphs about different types, i.e. categories; conclusion)


If you were writing an explanation of how to get from school to your house, how would you organize the directions? (In steps and in spatial order)


If you wanted to write an essay about your five favorite foods, would it be more effective to put your most favorite one at the end or the beginning? (At the end: climactic order)

Learning Tips


Plan a compare/contrast statement about elementary school and middle school. How would you organize a 5-paragraph essay on this topic?


Plan a category essay about types of French cheese. How would you organize a 5-paragraph essay on this topic?


Plan an essay in spatial order explaining the layout of your computer.


5. _____________

4. _____________

3. _____________

2. _____________

1. _____________

Plan an essay in climactic order identifying the five greatest movies of all time.


Explain how different types of writing require different patterns of organization.

Extra Help Problems


Reflect on your experience with essay writing so far. Did you know there were different ways to organize different types of essays?


How are category essays and compare/contrast essays different? How are they similar?


How is organization by spatial order different from organization by climactic order?


Choose one form of essay to write on any of the following topics. Be sure it includes at least 5 paragraphs and is correctly organized. Use a graphic organizer to plan the essay.


Compare your childhood to your parents’ childhoods.


Write a detailed description of your room.


Describe the most beautiful scene in nature that you can imagine.


Describe the perfect shopping mall.


Describe a place where people congregate (like a zoo, a church, a circus, etc.)


Describe your three favorite animals.


Compare your two best friends.


Describe three types of homework assignments.


Write an essay describing the three most influential people in your life.


Each season of the year is beautiful in some way. Write an essay ranking the seasons in order of your favorites: winter, summer, spring or fall. Explain why you ordered them in this way.


Write an informative essay about types of golf clubs.


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