3rd Grade - Commas

Use commas in dates, locations, and addresses and for items in a series.
Student can use and identify the comma. Student knows how to punctuate dates, locations, addresses, and items in a series.

Sample Problems


How do I punctuate a date? Dates need a comma between the day and year. ( i.e. January 6, 1921)


How do I punctuate city and state when they are written together? Cities and states need a comma written between them. (i.e. Boston, Massachusetts)


How do I punctuate an address? An address should have commas to separate the street address, city, and state. (i.e. 455 Gentle Valley, Gompers, California)


How do I punctuate items in a series? If there are three or more items in a series, you need a comma to separate each item. (i.e. We ate eggs, bacon, and fruit for breakfast.).


What is a comma? A comma is punctuation mark used to separate words to make them easier to read. In addition, when a comma is written in a sentence, it tells us to pause when we read.

Learning Tips


Have your child look at real life examples of comma rules. Show them the address labeling on a real letter or the date on a real business letter.


If your child’s teacher does not have a preference as to how they label their homework, have your child write the date on every assignment for practice. This way they can get practice and be organized at the same time!


Have your child write letters to friends or family members. Make sure they write the date on the letter and write the addresses on the envelope.


If your child constantly forgets to use commas in dates, locations, and items in a series, have them look back at their work. Before you point out their errors, see if they can find and fix their own mistakes.


Find an example of items in a series in a newspaper or recipe. Ask your child why they think the commas are necessary.

Extra Help Problems


Circle the correctly punctuated date for the next five problems.

  1. June 26, 2008

  2. june 26 2008

  3. June, 26 2008

  1. December 28 2000

  2. december 28 2000

  3. December 28, 2000

  1. May, 1 1996

  2. may,1 1996

  3. May 1, 1996

  1. February 12 1987

  2. February 12,1987

  3. February, 12 1987

  1. September 16, 1977

  2. september 16 1977

  3. September 16 1977,


Circle the correctly punctuated city and state for the following five problems.

  1. los angeles california

  2. los, angeles, california

  3. Los Angeles, California

  1. Seattle Washington

  2. Seattle, Washington

  3. seattle, Washington

  1. Chicago Illinois,

  2. Chicago Illinois

  3. Chicago, Illinois

  1. Austin, Texas

  2. austin, texas

  3. austin, Texas


a) boston massachusetts

b) Boston, Massachusetts

c) Boston Massachusetts


For the following five problems put commas in the correct places.

I love to eat peaches apples and pears.


She got dressed ate breakfast and went to school.


Buses airplanes and cars run on gas.


They had steak mashed potatoes and corn for dinner.


The students had to decide to eat their snack play basketball or to jump rope during recess.


Circle the sentence that is punctuated correctly for the following five problems.

  1. The letter was sent from new york new york.

  2. The letter was sent from New york, New york.

c) The letter was sent from New York, New York.

  1. I was born on april 1, 1999.

  2. I was born on April 1 1999.

  3. I was born on April 1,1999.

  1. My favorite games are checkers tic tac toe and hangman.

  2. My favorite games are checkers tic tac, toe and, hangman.

  3. My favorite games are checkers, tic tac toe, and hangman.

  1. I live in Miami, Florida.

  2. I live in Miami, florida.

c)I live in Miami, florida.

  1. We had eggs, toast and fruit, for breakfast.

  2. We had eggs, toast, and fruit for breakfast.

  3. We had, eggs toast and fruit, for breakfast.


Write the name of your city and state.


Write your birthday?


Punctuate the following three problems correctly.

June 4 2007


Phoenix Arizona


445 Apple Street Saint Paul Michigan


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