3rd Grade - Dramatic Interpretations Of Stories

Dramatic interpretations of stories
Plan and present dramatic interpretations of experiences, stories, poems, or plays with clear diction, pitch, tempo, and tone.
Student is able to act out experiences, stories, poems, or plays. Student speaks clearly, at a good pace, and with a tone appropriate for the presentation.

Sample Problems


Did I speak clearly during my presentation?


Did I speak at a good pace during my presentation?


Did I use the appropriate tone for my presentation?


What is a dramatic interpretation?


How can I reenact an experience, poem, or play?

Learning Tips


There are many children’s books that have been turned into movies or plays. Pick one of your that your child has read and ask them if they noticed any differences. Also, ask your child if they can think of why the movie might be different from the book.


Take your child to a kid friendly play. This exposure is a great way for them to see dramatic interpretations and what goes into making them successful.


If your child enjoys acting, encourage them to join or start a drama club at school. This will give them practice with acting out pieces as well as give them experience with what goes into making dramatic interpretations.


Charades is a fun way for your child to practice their acting at home. Make it a family activity and everyone can join in on the fun.


Have your child dress up as their favorite book character. Encourage them to try to act the way the character would act.

Extra Help Problems


Act out the following scenes for somebody in your house. Ask a friend or family member to help with other character’s parts.

Sarah Plain and Tall-Chapter 1 when Anna tells Caleb about their mother


Sarah Plain and Tall-Chapter 2 when Sarah first meets Anna and Caleb


Sarah Plain and Tall-Chapter 1 when Papa shows Caleb and Anna the letter from Sarah


Sarah Plain and Tall-Chapter 2 when the family begins the day working and waiting for Papa to pick up Sarah


Charlotte’s Web-Chapter 1 when Fern gets upset with what will happen with the pig


Charlotte’s Web-Chapter 1 when finds out she can keep her pig


Charlotte’s Web-Chapter 2 when Wilbur first arrives at Fern’s aunt’shouse


Charlotte’s Web-Chapter 2 when Fern visits Wilbur at her aunt’s house


Charlotte’s Web-Chapter 3 when Wilbur gets bored because he thinks he has to stay in the bard


Charlotte’s Web-Chapter 4 when Wilbur has to stay in the barn because it’s raining outside


Pippi Longstocking-Chapter 1 when the sailors talk about how Pippi is so strong


Pippi Longstocking-Chapter 2 when Annika and tommy have breakfast in the morning


Pippi Longstocking-Chapter 2 when Pippi sticks up for Willie


Act out the following people, animals, characters, or objects.

your favorite book character


your mom or dad


favorite television character


your best friend


your favorite animal


your sibling or other family member


a car


For problems 21-25, write a script about 6-8 lines on the following events.

Your first day of school


A field trip you enjoyed


A memorable outing with your family


A memorable play date with your friend


A memorable holiday with your family



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