3rd Grade - Narrative Presentations

Narrative presentations
Make brief narrative presentations:A - Provide a context for an incident that is the subject of the presentation, B - Provide insight into why the selected incident is memorable, C - Include well-chosen details to develop character, setting, and plot
Student is able to identify a narrative as a writing piece that is based on an event in their life. Student is also able to identify the components of a narrative: problem/solution, action, characters, setting, and dialogue.

Sample Problems


What is a narrative writing piece?


What should I include in my narrative writing piece?


Did I include enough details in my narrative writing piece?


Did I develop the plot in my narrative writing piece?


What is a good topic to write about in my narrative writing piece?

Learning Tips


Encourage your child to keep a writing journal. It will give them practice with writing about important events in their lives. It will then be a good place to look for ideas on a personal narrative presentation.


If you notice that your child is always using the same topic for their narrative presentations, encourage them to choose a new topic by brainstorming events with them.


If your child brings home a narrative presentation assignment for homework, ask them if they have a rubric or criteria chart. This will make it easier for you to guide them and easier to make sure that they are including everything they need in their presentation.


If your child likes to draw, have them make a visual of the event that they would like to present. This will help them remember the event and then they will be ready to include more details in their narrative presentation.


If you are helping your child with a narrative presentation at home, always make sure to start with a couple of compliments. It always helps to start with positive feedback.

Extra Help Problems


Read the narrative below and answer the following questions.

My Bad Trip to the Arcade

Have you ever felt really frustrated because you lost something? Well, that’s how I felt last week when I went to the arcade. It all started when Jimmy, my older brother invited me to the arcade. Well, not really…you see, Jimmy never wants to take me anywhere! So I had to get mom to make him take me, and to make a long story short, he did.

On our way to the arcade, we met Jimmy’s friend, Peter. “Hey, Peter. Are you ready to lose?” asked Jimmy. “Yeah, sure. Keep on dreaming, Jimmy. You know who the ultimate champ is,” responded Peter. Those two were always competing over one thing or the other. I didn’t care; I just knew that I had ten dollars in my pocket to spend on my favorite game, the basketball video game. I couldn’t wait!

When we got to the arcade, all I could hear around me where clinks of money going into games, beeps and honks coming out of the video games, and excited voices. I ran straight to the basketball video game. There was a boy playing the video game when I got there. “Hey,” he said, “do you want to play doubles?” I was nervous at the idea of playing him because I didn’t know how good he was. But I wanted to play so bad, and before I knew it, I blurted out, “Sure.” I dug in my pocket to get my ten dollars. I took out the entire pocket, but there was nothing there. I checked every single pocket, but I came up with nothing.

Who are the characters in the narrative?


What is the setting of the narrative?


Does the narrative include dialogue (characterstalking)?


Do you think there is enough dialogue?


Where could you add another line of dialogue?


Doe the narrative include a problem (s)?


What is the problem(s)? Or if there is no problem(s), what would be a good problem for this story?


Does the story include a solution?


What is the solution? Or if there is no solution, what would be a good solution for this story?


This story is missing a(n): A) beginning B) middle C) ending


Write three important events that happened in the story, in the order that they happened.


Do you think the author had a good beginning? Why or why not?


Do you think the author had a good ending? Why or why not?


The main character and Jimmy walk to the arcade at the: A) beginning of the story B) middle of the story C) ending of the story


Jimmy does not want to take his brother to the arcade at the: A) beginning of the story B) middle of the story C) ending of the story


The main character loses his ten dollars: A) beginning of the story B) middle of the story C) ending of the story


Mom makes Jimmy take his brother to the arcade: A) beginning of the story B) middle of the story C) ending of the story


Jimmy meets with Peter to walk to the arcade: A) beginning of the story B) middle of the story C) ending of the story


Write a good ending to the narrative.


Did you like this narrative? Why or why not.


Pick a prompt to share with your parent(s).

My best day ever was when…


The other day at school…


The other day I went…


On my way to school the other day…


When I was at home the other day I…


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