3rd Grade - Writing Descriptions

Writing descriptions
Write descriptions that use concrete sensory details to present and support unified impressions of people, places, things, or experiences.
Student is able to describe people, places, things, and experiences with enough detail for a reader to picture what is being described. Student uses adjectives and adverbs to enhance descriptions. Student is able to use the senses that apply to help them describe.

Building Blocks/Prerequisites


Sample Problems


What should I include in a good descriptive piece?


Did I include enough details in my description?


Did I use the senses I experienced with the topic to help me describe it? (see, hear, taste, feel, and touch)


How can adjectives (words that describe nouns) and adverbs (words that describe verbs) help me with my description?


Can the reader picture what I am describing?

Learning Tips


Students describe orally all the time. Whether they tell you about their day or about their favorite television show. When they are describing in writing, remind them that they want to include the amount of detail they would when they are describing orally.


Sometimes students who have good writing abilities do not add enough detail in their writing because they are not fond of writing. If this is the case with your child, talk to them about the expectations you have for them when they are writing. Also remind them that if they are not trying their best, you might think that they just don’t know how to describe.


If your child is work on a descriptive piece at home and you are not sure how much description they need to have, talk with their teacher to get a better idea on how to guide your child. Many times teachers will have rubrics, criteria charts, and examples that help guide the students with what is expected of them.


Make a visual with your child so that they can have words before they start writing to help them describe. Make a bubble map and write the topic in the middle. On the outside have your child come up with as many describing words as they can to go with the topic.


Have your child come up with sensory details before they start writing. Have them write at the top of the page the topic they are trying to describe. Directly beneath write: sounds like, feels like, looks like, taste like, smells like and have them fill in these sensory details.

Extra Help Problems


Circle the describing words in the following five sentences.

The hungry dog ate his brown food.


I love to eat Italian food.


My smart sister won the spelling bee.


His dirty socks were in the bathroom.


The heavy bag had white milk in it.


Write a describing word to make the sentence better.

My _____________ friend loves to tell jokes.


The _______________ runner finished first place in the race.


Her ______________ backpack had 10 books in it.


Her ______________ teeth shown as she smiled.


The _____________ student got an A on the assignment.


Write a sentence to describe someone important in your life.


Write a sentence to describe yourself.


Write a sentence to describe your favorite animal.


Come up with three words to describe your favorite flower.


Come up with three words to describe your bedroom.


Fill in the following five sentences below to describe the objects.

My favorite instrument sounds like…


My favorite food taste like…


My favorite person looks like….


My favorite scent smells like…


My favorite ______________ feels like….


Circle the describing word in the following five problems.

a) pretty b) smell c) jump


a) drive b) bus c) white


a) run b) house c) gigantic


a) people b) intelligent c) climb


a) bag b) blanket c) blue


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