Educational Videos for K-6th Grade Students

  Below are math and language arts videos curated by our educators. These videos focus on educational skills for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students.  

Counting to 10 Video

Number Estimation Video

Shape Pattern Video

Months of the Year Video

Heavy and Light Video

Square Video

Subtraction Word Problem Video

Big and Little Video

What Comes Next? Pattern Video

Clock Video

Number Estimation Video

Dots Addition Video

Days of the Week Video

Number Grid Video

Kindergarten Addition Video

Shapes Video

Bert and Ernie Pattern Game...

Telling Time Video

Shapes and Colors Video

Counting Objects Video

Counting to 20 Video
Following Directions Video

Letter O Words

Little Red Riding Hood Video

Little Red Writing Hood

Letter Sounds Song
Alphabet Animals Video
Kindergarten Children's Book...
Goldilocks and the Three...

Recognizing Patterns Video

Giving Directions Video

Solving Word Problems Video

Counting by 2 Video

2 Digit Subtraction Video

Comparing Numbers Video

Triangle Video

Shape Drawing Video

Domino Addition Game Video

Counting to 100 Video

Sides of Shapes Video

Addition Tables Video

Addition Tables Video

Single Digit Addition Video

Subtraction Tables Video

Telling Time Story

Number Patterns Video
Estimating Video
2 Digit Addition Video
Adding and Subtracting Money...
Words With TH

Learning Nouns Video

Elements of a Story Song

Recite Eency Weency Spider

1st grade Reading Words Video

Reading Word Cards Video

Grammar Rock Nouns

1st Grade Read Along - Ted...

Vowel Sounds Video
Vowel Song
Handwriting for 1st Grade...

Simple Fractions Video

Measurement Video

Money Value Video

Money Value Video

Naming Shapes Video

Learning Fractions Video

Reading the Minute Hand on a...

Measuring and Estimation Video

Counting Dimes and Quarters...
Coin Counting Game
Advanced Fractions Video
Counting Pennies and Nickels...
Paraphrasing Video

2nd Grade Spelling Video

2nd Grade Toy Story Read Along

Rhyming Story

Two Syllable Words Video

Using Commas for Lists

Synonym Song

Grammar Rock Verbs Song

Alliteration Story
How to Write a Friendly Letter

Multiply by 9 Video

Place Values and Digits Video

Subtracting Large Numbers...

Multiply by 0 Video

Vertical Angles Video

Multiply by 5 Video

Properties of Quadrilaterals...

Classifying Triangles Video

Number 2 Multiplication Table...

Solving Word Problems with...

Introduction to Division Video

Rounding Large Numbers

Multiply by 7 Video

Multiply by 4 Video

Naming Angles Video

Video About Fractions

Acute Triangle Video

Rounding 2 Digit Numbers Video

Multiplication Tables Video

Isosceles Triangles Video

Adding Large Numbers Video

Multiply by 6 Video

Multiplication Rap Video

Add and Subtract Fractions...

Quadrilateral Review Video

Equilateral Triangle Video

Unit Conversions Video

Mutiplying by 8 Video

3rd Grade Fractions Video

Problem Solving Using Charts

Converting Units Video

Converting Fractions to...

Inequalities Video
Multiply by 3 Video
Solving Equations Video
Converting Fractions to...
3rd Grade Reading...

Prefixes and Suffixes Video

Subject Verb Agreement Video

Past, Present and Future...

Storytelling Video

Onomatopoeia Video

Narrative Style Literature

Prefix and Suffix Rap

How to Write a Thank You...

Rounding Decimals Video

Find the Radius of a Circle...

Finding Percentages Video

Basic Algebra Skills Video

Symmetry Video

Area of Rectangles Video

4th Grade Word Problems

Beginner Algebra Video

Large Number Rounding Video

Distinguishing Prime Numbers...

Line Graphs Video

Perpendicular Lines Video

Prime Factorization of a...

Circle Song Video

Age Problems Video

Perimeter and Area of...

2 Digit Division Video

Plotting Points on a Graph...

Simplifying Fractions Video

Graphing Lines Video

Adding Decimals to Hundredths...

Perimeter of Trapezoids

Parallel Lines Video

Solving Division Problems...

Change Fractions to Decimals...

Multiply by 11 Video

Subtracting Decimals

Mean, Median and Mode Video

Area of a Square Video

Using Charts Video

Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers

Simplifying Fractions Video

Mean, Median and Mode Song
Multiply by 12 Video
Probability of an Event Video
Paragraph Writing Video

Tips for Oral Presentations

Conjunctions Video

Cause and Effect

Summarizing Articles

Compare and Contrast

Words with Multiple Meanings

How to Give Directions Video

Figurative Language Video
Preposition Music Video
Adverbs Song

Area of Parallelogram Video

Commutative Property Video

Single Variable Video

Long Division Video

Slope of a Line Video

Volume of a Prism Video

Surface Area of a Cube Video

Percent Increase and Decrease...

Area of Triangle Video

Using Slope Intercept Form to...

Linear Equations Video

Find the Slope of a Line Video

Working with Negative Numbers...

Distributive Property Video

Associative Property Video

Percentage Word Problem Video

Prime Factorization Video

Volume of a Cube Video

Coordinate Plane Video

Surface Area of a Prism Video

Exponent Definitions Video

Adding Mixed Numbers Video

Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Exponent Definitions Video

Pythagorean Theorem Video
Dividing Decimals Video
Modifiers Video

Reading Comprehension - Facts...

Homographs Video

5th Grade Poetry

Persuasive Public Speaking...

Homophones Video

Writing a Research Paper

When to Use a Colon Video

Capitalization Video Lesson

Circumference of a Circle...

Experimental Probability Video

Probability Tree Video

Area and Circumference of a...

Coin Word Problems Video

Systems of Equations Video

2 Step Algebra Equation Video

Multiplying Fractions

Area of a Circle Video

Box and Whisker Plot Video

Measures of Central Tendency

Algebra Equations Using...

Complementary Angles Video

Range, Mean, Median and Mode...

Probability of Idependent...

Cross Multiplication Video

Algebra Word Problems

Complementary Angles Video

Systems of Equations Word...

Distance, Rate, Time...

Stem and Leaf Plot
Dividing Fractions Video
Supplementary Angles Video
Solve Systems of Equations By...
Expository Essay Writing

Tone and Mood Video

Presentation Skills Video

Writing Research Reports

Vocabulary Builder

Interpreting Figurative...

6th Grade Reading...

Identifying Tone

Using Either and Neither
Compund Sentences

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